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Till Death Do Us NOT Part

The latest idea in economy stands to the credit of a thrifty American woman who lived near Janesville, and was wearing her dead husband’s false teeth. When he died she had his fine set of false teeth removed before he was placed in the coffin. Then she called upon the old dentist, informing him that she desired to have them remade to fit her, and the request was granted. When she left the dentist, she said that she hoped that the teeth would make her feel 30 years younger, as she intended to marry again shortly.

Source: Clarence and Richmond Examiner, Sat 27 July 1907


Great Expectations

At the sessions of Tralee, a dentist sued his patient, who did not pay him for the fitting of eight false teeth.

The defendant’s excuse was that instead of receiving the artificial teeth he ordered, the dentist issued natural ones, sourced from the neighbouring churchyard!

Source: South Australian Register, Wednesday 29 May 1850