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Turkish Delights

The Sultan of Turkey, it is said, once suffered much from toothache, and the dentist having inspected the royal patient’s teeth declared that one of them must be drawn. In order to give the Sultan nerve, a slave was brought to his apartment and had a tooth extracted. The slave, however, bore the operation so very badly that it had just the opposite effect to that which was intended, and the Sultan, thinking the remedy worse than the disease, declined to submit himself to the forceps. A little later on the faulty tooth again became troublesome, and again the Sultan sent for the dentist, who reiterated his former opinion that the offending tooth must come out. So a second slave was summoned and underwent torture. He yelled louder than the first and for a second time Abdul Hamid declined to be relieved through such an ordeal. The attacks of toothache continued to occur, yet when eight slaves had been operated upon, the Sultan had not gathered up sufficient courage.

Source: The Armidale Chronicle, 08 Dec 1897


The Golden Couple

Nicholas, a poor peasant who worked in the fields of Macedonia had but one ambition; to some day have a gold tooth. His natural teeth were all sound enough, and as white and even as anyone could wish, but the longing for one of the shining yellow metal held him fast. So when Nicholas said goodbye to his Macedonian sweetheart, Kyra, a beautiful peasant girl, and went to New York, he promised that he would return to claim her as his bride after he had got a gold tooth. The immigrant settled in the States, worked hard and amassed a small fortune. One day a dentist placed a  shining gold crown on one of his  teeth, and Nicholas left immediately for Macedonia to marry Kyra.

Source: Globe, Wed 13 March, 1912

Beyond the Call of Duty

Riva Davidovici was a young Romanian dentist.  She attended to Margeurite Switz, the beautiful English wife of an American Colonel. The patient’s cavities were filled as planned.

Unfortunately for Dr Davidovici, Mrs Switz involved her in the trial. It wasn’t that she was unhappy with the treatment; far from it. However, to save her own skin, she revealed all.

You see, the colonel and his wife were part of an extensive spy gang operating in France, Britain and the USA, on behalf of Russia and Germany. They were arrested on charges of having tampered with French naval documents after secret plans were stolen from the French War Office.

How was the dentist involved? Well, she filled Mrs Switz’s cavities with temporary stoppings containing microscopic photographs of the plans…

Source: The Maitland Daily Mercury, Thurs 4 Apr 1935

love note

Broadway actress Haila Stoddard visited her dentist for emergency bridgework. On her following visit, she admired the new bridge and described it as being “beautiful”.  The dentist in turn informed her that it was “a labour of love”, as the dental technician who made it fell in love with her the first time he saw her on stage. On the back of the bridge the mechanic had inscribed, “With Love”…

Source: Sunday Times, Sunday 14 april 1946