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Up Up and Away….

High altitude flying reveals dental troubles that elude even the X-ray. Naval doctorsĀ found for instance, a naval dive-bomber pilot reported that he was always troubled with severe toothache just before going into a dive. He blamed sinus trouble. But a test in a pressure chamber simulating the atmospheric conditions at high altitude revealed hidden decay that had not been detected by X-rays. Studying an undisclosed number of cases, navy doctors found:
(1) Fifty-seven per cent, of airmen developed toothache in a pressure chamber equivalent to a height’ of 28,000 feet.
(2) Twenty-three per cent, experienced pain at a reading equivalent to 18,000 feet.
(3) Twenty per cent, began showing symptoms before reaching the equivalent of 10,000 feet.
After the hidden decay had been located and repairs carried out, the airmen experienced no further discomfort.
Source: The Daily News, Mon 16 Aug 1943

It’s all about the Image

Conventional x-rays were responsible for 5% of the total effective radiation dose in the US population during 2006. Dental x-rays contributed 2.5% of this figure.

In comparison, background radiation was responsible for 50% of the total effective radiation dose.

Source: NCRP Report No. 160, Ionizing Radiation Exposure of the Population of the United States