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The Hungry Foot

A doctor in North Carolina found a tooth with a crown and roots growing in the foot of a 13 year old boy!

He was pleased to report that the tooth was removed without complication.

Source:The Canberra Times, Monday 23 January 1978



A clerk, whose false teeth suddenly disappeared from his dressing table the previous night, offered a reward for their recovery. A young man took up the offer, visited the house, and from a hole beside a stump, he extracted many odds and ends, including his prize.

Attached to the false teeth was a rubber grip which had been gnawed by the culprit –  a rat!

Source: Western Star and Roma Advertiser, Wednesday 10 January 1934

The Cold Front

A well known footballer from the northern district of New South Wales, wrote to a Meredith friend regarding the ferocity of the Winter season. He related how one night, before going to bed, he left his false teeth in a cup of water only to wake up in the morning and find them embedded in ice!



Source: The Horsham Times, Friday 21 August 1925

Great Expectations

At the sessions of Tralee, a dentist sued his patient, who did not pay him for the fitting of eight false teeth.

The defendant’s excuse was that instead of receiving the artificial teeth he ordered, the dentist issued natural ones, sourced from the neighbouring churchyard!

Source: South Australian Register, Wednesday 29 May 1850

Speak up, Man!

A coal miner in France who lost his speech due to post traumatic stress induced by an explosion on the job, recovered after having a tooth extracted in a Loughborough hospital!

 A dentist proceeded to remove the man’s tooth without anaesthetic on the advice of one hospital surgeon. The shock tactic worked, as on feeling the pain, the patient exclaimed,  “Oh, you’ll pull my head off!’…


Source: The Newsletter: an Australian Paper for Australian People, Saturday 21 October 1916