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A resident of Molotou, on the Dorrigo, had his artificial teeth stolen by a black magpie . While the man was at work, he removed his new set of artificial teeth, which had been troubling him and placed them on a nearby log. Presently a magpie swooped down and flew off with them to a high tree and proceeded to try and break them against a dead limb. A gun was secured, but the shot failed, and the bird, still clutching the teeth in its beak, flew away with the owner of them in pursuit. It was not long before both bird and teeth were lost to light in a thickly-wooded gully! • The Sydney Morning Herald, Fri 24 Dec 1926


Snake Medicine

According to the Goulburn Evening Penny Post (Wed 26 Oct) in 1932, the Cherokee Indians cured themselves of toothache by rubbing a snake held horizontally from head to tail, seven times back and forth across their teeth. They then had to abstain from eating anything salty for four days…