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Love and Marriage

An elderly couple boarded a tram at Belmont. Suddenly the woman exclaimed: “Dad!.,You
haven’t got your teeth!” Dad touched his mouth to make sure. “It’s your fault,” he said, “letting me come out in public without my teeth.” He pulled the bell cord. “Surely  you don’t hold your wife responsible for putting your teeth in before going out?” asked a fellow passenger. “Certainly, I do. She has a good look at me before I leave home. She’d soon notice it if I went out without my trousers. Of course, its her fault; she should see I have my teeth in before I go out!
Source: The Charleville Times, Thu 11 June, 1953

Fatherly Precautions

An Iowa farmer with five daughters, would take each in turn on a Sunday afternoon and rub her teeth with an onion, quietly remarking, “none of ’em ever has a beau a second time”…


Source: The Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 27 December 1875