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The Denture Code

A clergyman who had taken temporary duty for a friend, had the ill-luck to injure his false teeth during the week. The plate was sent to the dentist’s for repair, a faithful assurance being given that it should be duly returned by Sunday’s post, but the dentist or the post proved faithless. With the assistance of the clerk, the clergyman  managed to stumble through the prayers, but felt it would be useless to attempt to preach. He therefore instructed the clerk to “ make some excuse for him and dismiss the congregation.” But his feelings may he better imagined than described when in the seclusion of the vestry he overheard the clerk in impressive tones thus deliver the “excuse”: very sorry, but it is his misfortune to be obligated to wear a set of artful teeth. They busted last Wednesday, and he ain’t got them back from London today as he was promised. I’ve helped him all I could through the service, but I can’t do no more for him ; ’tisn’t any use him going up into the pulpit, for you wouldn’t understand a word he  said, so he thinks you all may as well go
Source: The Bendigo Independent, Sat 22 October, 1892

An Eye for an Eye….

When a man near Khartoum was set upon by two men and consequently suffered a broken tooth, he insisted on a similar punishment for his attackers, once the matter was brought before an emergency court. 

Under strict Islamic Law, the presiding judge ordered that a dentist remove one tooth from each culprit without the use of anaesthetic!


Source: The Canberra Times, Tuesday 5 June 1984



Back in the days of Constantinople, according to Mohammedian law, Turks were forbidden to wear any expensive adornments, with the exception of a silver ring.  

This presented a problem for the faithful who wore gold teeth, until in 1923, the Angora Minister of Religious Affairs decreed it to be permissible in such cases…

Source: Chronicle sat 28 july 1923