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 The practice door opens.

I see her slowly walk towards me,

wearing a short, tight skirt, big hips swaying.

Silk stockings hug her long legs, further heightened by big heels.

She is wearing one of those skintight, semi see-through shirts,

top buttons undone, providing a glimpse of her big chest.

She gives me a sexy smile with her big, red lips.

She says “hi” with that big, sugary voice.

As we make small talk, she flicks about her big, blonde hair.

Her head tips back revealing the translucent skin of her neck with its big pulse.

She lightly touches my shoulder and laughs with her big, white teeth.

Her big, baby blue eyes now look directly into mine.

The health company representative is ready to make her big sales pitch…



“KISS THE STUD!” shouted the banner waving prominently above the kissing booth at the college fair. She joined the long queue of pubertal glamazons and patiently advanced toward her dream.  The “stud” was a male oasis to Carla and her friends. They would espy him in the school corridors between classes and then he would disappear. In a word, he was perfection. Carla had purposefully put a little money aside from her after school job at the local Maccas just for this day; for the chance to objectify his reality.

She finally reached the head of the queue, straightened herself, checked for any lipstick stains on her teeth – now that would be embarrassing- and sat butterfly stricken opposite him. He didn’t disappoint, sharing an alluring smile without opening his cupid lips. Carla just about went out of her mind with excitement. He introduced himself by leaning into her and she answered by collecting her prize. His lips were softly engaging, but not enough for Carla. She proactively delved deeper, knowing that this was most likely to be their first and last intimate meeting. The stud complied, transporting her to another realm; the nightmare of reality! The girl was instantaneously repulsed by the stench of thrush. She felt a rough, irregular, spongy growth engaging the metal sphere thrusting above his tongue, and immediately withdrew from the cavern.  She felt disgust towards the kisser, who now presented a cacophonous laugh revealing sharp, jagged, chipped teeth. He actually looked senile -being long in the tooth – and she felt a rush of vile in her throat.  He flickered out his split tongue – a two headed asp vying for a bite of her flesh.

Carla screamed all the way home from the fair, without first stopping to ask for a refund…


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Training Dr Ryan

He quickly snapped the umbrella shut, waded onto the carriage entrance and continued, dripping a trail along the already wet floor to the lower compartment. He sank into the aisle seat at the very back, threw the backpack onto the next vacant lot and hung the brolly’s neck onto the seat in front. The train started forward.

He perused the bodies fencing the aisle and windows. His oral cavity yawned – a momentary lapse in concentration. His preference was for the thinner variety; not much fat to fight against in trying to reach one’s destination. Delicate females made ideal specimens. It was a pity that the translucent skin was pigmented formaldehyde yellow once assigned to him, so masking the underlying architecture.

His mind turned the page to lunch. Vegan Monday; he was consoled by the idea of lunch prior to anatomy class today.