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It’s all in the water

Public water fluoridation was introduced to Australia in 1953, in the town of Beaconsfield, Tasmania.


Source: High resolution mapping of reticulated water fluoride in Western Australia: opportunities to improve oral health.

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“KISS THE STUD!” shouted the banner waving prominently above the kissing booth at the college fair. She joined the long queue of pubertal glamazons and patiently advanced toward her dream.  The “stud” was a male oasis to Carla and her friends. They would espy him in the school corridors between classes and then he would disappear. In a word, he was perfection. Carla had purposefully put a little money aside from her after school job at the local Maccas just for this day; for the chance to objectify his reality.

She finally reached the head of the queue, straightened herself, checked for any lipstick stains on her teeth – now that would be embarrassing- and sat butterfly stricken opposite him. He didn’t disappoint, sharing an alluring smile without opening his cupid lips. Carla just about went out of her mind with excitement. He introduced himself by leaning into her and she answered by collecting her prize. His lips were softly engaging, but not enough for Carla. She proactively delved deeper, knowing that this was most likely to be their first and last intimate meeting. The stud complied, transporting her to another realm; the nightmare of reality! The girl was instantaneously repulsed by the stench of thrush. She felt a rough, irregular, spongy growth engaging the metal sphere thrusting above his tongue, and immediately withdrew from the cavern.  She felt disgust towards the kisser, who now presented a cacophonous laugh revealing sharp, jagged, chipped teeth. He actually looked senile -being long in the tooth – and she felt a rush of vile in her throat.  He flickered out his split tongue – a two headed asp vying for a bite of her flesh.

Carla screamed all the way home from the fair, without first stopping to ask for a refund…


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The Wild Wild West

When Buffalo Bill was 50, his teeth were well aligned and without cavities, but worn almost down to the gum line. This, according to a professor of dentistry at the University of Otago  (Dr Pickerill), was a great example of leading the life of a normal savage who ate primitive foods…


Source: Albany Advertiser, Saturday 3 July 1920

All I Want for Christmas…

Defects in the quantity or quality of enamel (outer tooth coating) that occur during the development of baby teeth indicate a risk for enamel defects in the adult teeth.*  This, screening, and the early detection of tooth decay, are important reasons to take baby for a dental check up by his/her first birthday.^



*Prevalence of demarcated hypomineralisation defects in second primary molars in Iraqi children.

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^AAPD. Policy on Early Childhood Caries (ECC): Classifications, Consequences and Preventive Strategies (2011)

Falling in Love

A Parisian woman took her dentist to court, after one of her false teeth fell into the hand of her fiancé. This, she claimed ruined her chances of successfully marrying for the second time. The court heard that prior to the incident, the fiancé always complimented the woman on her best asset. However, this was done in ignorance of them not being her natural teeth. She claimed that the man was horrified and ran away, not seeing him since!

Source: Barrier Miner, Tuesday 29 August 1950

Vitamin Value

It is probable that Vitamin D supplementation reduces the risk of tooth decay in children….


Source: Vitamin D and multiple health outcomes: umbrella review of systematic reviews and meta-analyses of observational studies and randomised trials

Authors: Evropi Theodoratou, Ioanna Tzoulaki, Lina Zgaga, John P A Ioannidis

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