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The Golden Guarantee

After an excellent dinner at a restaurant in Paris, a provincial visitor was unable to pay the bill on discovery that his pocket book had disappeared. He explained his position to the proprietor but the latter, who was recently swindled by an individual who told the same story, refused to take any excuse for non-payment. In order to avoid a scandal, the visitor was obliged to leave his gold-mounted artificial teeth as a guarantee that he would return and pay for his meal.
Source:  The Newsletter, Sat 26 June, 1909

#What are the Chances…

An insurance company in the USA paid the claim of a  man who bit his own throat!

The man was playing tennis when he slipped, causing his false teeth to dislodge down his throat and enclose onto its flesh…


Source: Wodonga and Towong Sentinel, Friday 31 January 1941

making claims…

Bizarre dental insurance claims:

  • hitting and breaking a tooth with a phone mouthpiece while blowing a kiss to fiancé on the other end
  • breaking two teeth with swinging arms while dancing
  • Swallowing a bridge due to shock after seeing dog get run over by a car
  • Severely burning tongue after lighting a cigarette and accidentally throwing it away, while placing the lit match in mouth instead


Source: The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate Monday 19 January 1931