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Turkish Delights

The Sultan of Turkey, it is said, once suffered much from toothache, and the dentist having inspected the royal patient’s teeth declared that one of them must be drawn. In order to give the Sultan nerve, a slave was brought to his apartment and had a tooth extracted. The slave, however, bore the operation so very badly that it had just the opposite effect to that which was intended, and the Sultan, thinking the remedy worse than the disease, declined to submit himself to the forceps. A little later on the faulty tooth again became troublesome, and again the Sultan sent for the dentist, who reiterated his former opinion that the offending tooth must come out. So a second slave was summoned and underwent torture. He yelled louder than the first and for a second time Abdul Hamid declined to be relieved through such an ordeal. The attacks of toothache continued to occur, yet when eight slaves had been operated upon, the Sultan had not gathered up sufficient courage.

Source: The Armidale Chronicle, 08 Dec 1897


Tax checks

The Chief clerk of the Chicago tax department was puzzled after receiving an income tax cheque with two x-rays of someone’s teeth!

The cheque was kept, but the x-rays were returned to their owner – an absent minded dentist…


Source: The Mail, Saturday 4 February 1950

Wartime Dentists

Jack Gray, who grew up in Oatley, New South Wales, served as a Captain in the Dental Corps , treating servicemen in the jungle during World War II.

Please take the time to visit the source (site) of this story, as a poignant image of the servicemen in action is shown, highlighting their bravery and inventiveness.


Source: The Leader, Thursday 29 May, 2014; visit  then click the link : The Leader (St George) and go to page 12

A Word of Advice

Next time you visit a dentist, be gentle with him and whatever you do, DO NOT tell him that you hate him as soon as you meet.

Here’s why: A Parisian who saw his dentist for removal of a tooth was confronted with a revolver pointed at him by the practitioner. The dentist announced that he would extract all of the gentleman’s teeth, but after having removed eight, he stopped and asked the patient to pay for his services before leaving the office…

Source: Examiner, Saturday 19 May 1906

#Fashion Faux Pas

Do you ever think about your dentist’s unpolished shoes while lying in his dental chair?

*In 1951,a dentist in Middlesex, England, refused to see male patients who presented to his practice without wearing a tie. It is unclear whether this attitude was attributed to an inborn obsessive personality trait, or if it evolved from years of dental training, which involved the implementation of strict personal hygiene measures.

How times have changed…these days we live in a society that tends to be somewhat more laid back. Some dentists are even known to practise unshaven (the men, of course), wearing a t- shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

What are your thoughts on today’s dental fashion?


*Source: The Muswellbrook Chronicle, Friday 9 February 1951

Falling in Love

A Parisian woman took her dentist to court, after one of her false teeth fell into the hand of her fiancé. This, she claimed ruined her chances of successfully marrying for the second time. The court heard that prior to the incident, the fiancé always complimented the woman on her best asset. However, this was done in ignorance of them not being her natural teeth. She claimed that the man was horrified and ran away, not seeing him since!

Source: Barrier Miner, Tuesday 29 August 1950