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A resident of Molotou, on the Dorrigo, had his artificial teeth stolen by a black magpie . While the man was at work, he removed his new set of artificial teeth, which had been troubling him and placed them on a nearby log. Presently a magpie swooped down and flew off with them to a high tree and proceeded to try and break them against a dead limb. A gun was secured, but the shot failed, and the bird, still clutching the teeth in its beak, flew away with the owner of them in pursuit. It was not long before both bird and teeth were lost to light in a thickly-wooded gully! • The Sydney Morning Herald, Fri 24 Dec 1926


An Eye for an Eye….

When a man near Khartoum was set upon by two men and consequently suffered a broken tooth, he insisted on a similar punishment for his attackers, once the matter was brought before an emergency court. 

Under strict Islamic Law, the presiding judge ordered that a dentist remove one tooth from each culprit without the use of anaesthetic!


Source: The Canberra Times, Tuesday 5 June 1984

A Grain of Rice

Prior to the invention of the lie detector, when suspected criminals were captured and presented before the courts in India, their automatic response to fear was cleverly utilized in arriving at a verdict. The offender was given dry rice to chew, and his ability to do so was the decider. If the culprit was guilty, chewing the rice would be impossible, as his intense fear would dry up his mouth, and so he would confess. On the other hand, an innocent party would soften the rice with a plentiful release of saliva…
Source: Traralgon Record, Friday 17 January 1908

Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Em

A Newcastle mother was quizzical as to what had happened to her false teeth, which she had left on her dressing table to take a bath. Eventually, it came to light that her small son took them to the local pawn shop and sold them for a profit!

Source: The Richmond River Express and Casino Kyogle Advertiser, Tuesday 12 November 1929

Doggone it!

A Detroit milkman was charged with biting the leg of a policeman while under the influence of alcohol. In his defense, the accused stated that he had a few drinks after he was bitten by a dog on the leg during his rounds.  When he saw a policeman, the milkman complained about the dog and proceeded to demonstrate how he was attacked.  He remarked that the policeman’s injury could not have been serious, as he wasn’t wearing his false teeth at the time of the incident!

The defendant was given a suspended sentence.

Source: The Mail, Saturday 9 September 1950

To Catch a Thief…

Two young starving orphans were found  a couple of days prior to Xmas by a charity member. When brought before the juvenile court, they reported that their mother had suddenly died a month prior. Sadly, they informed the judge, that the undertaker who had prepared the body for burial, extracted one of the woman’s teeth. The reason being that it was diamond set by the generosity of Bob Fitzsimmons, the actor and pugilist, in appreciation of her efforts as his leading lady in a touring company.

The good news is that the thief was eventually caught and the two children were placed in the care of an aunt.

Source: Evening News, Thurs 1 Feb 1906