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All the President’s Teeth

President Hoover went to the Walter Reed Military Hospital in Washington for dental treatment, and it was found necessary to extract three or four of his teeth. An orderly who was in attendance had the bright idea that there were people who would be willing to pay good money for a President’s teeth, so he gathered them up as soon as Mr. Hoover had left. He not only possessed himself of the Hoover teeth, he also collected all the teeth that had been extracted that day from the jaws of many sufferers by the hospital dentists. The exact number of his collection is not stated, but it was considerable and he had no difficulty in disposing of them all as genuine Hoover teeth at 50 cents. This price he found afterwards was absurdly low, for within a day or two he discovered that they were being sold in the city at several dollars each. Then somebody discovered that there were more teeth on offer than the Hoover household could have supplied, even if every member had visited the dentist and  had every tooth extracted. Quotations in the Presidential old teeth market immediately dropped to zero.

Source: Kalgoorlie Miner, Tues 15 September, 1931


Bette Davis Eyes

The First Lady of the American Cinema, Bette Davis, suffered from osteomyelitis of the jaw (an inflammatory condition of the bone), consequently undergoing an operation to remove the affected part…
Source: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), Tuesday 17 March 1953

The Piano Man

Paderewski, the famous pianist, was simply adored by his female fans. When he had a tooth removed after suffering from toothache and his admirers became aware of it, he was besieged by Boston crowds who pleaded with him to sell them his prize. The winning bid finally came from a beautiful widow who took the tooth home in triumph and set it in gold.  From then on it dangled with other charms from her watch chain…

Source: The Hay Standard and Advertiser for Balranald, Wentworth, Maude…, Wednesday 17 November 1897

The Wild Wild West

When Buffalo Bill was 50, his teeth were well aligned and without cavities, but worn almost down to the gum line. This, according to a professor of dentistry at the University of Otago  (Dr Pickerill), was a great example of leading the life of a normal savage who ate primitive foods…


Source: Albany Advertiser, Saturday 3 July 1920