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Till Death Do Us NOT Part

The latest idea in economy stands to the credit of a thrifty American woman who lived near Janesville, and was wearing her dead husband’s false teeth. When he died she had his fine set of false teeth removed before he was placed in the coffin. Then she called upon the old dentist, informing him that she desired to have them remade to fit her, and the request was granted. When she left the dentist, she said that she hoped that the teeth would make her feel 30 years younger, as she intended to marry again shortly.

Source: Clarence and Richmond Examiner, Sat 27 July 1907


Bullion Bulldog

An English bulldog sitting in a car on Washington Street, Indianapolis, attracted considerable attention with a generous display of gold teeth!
By reason of the open face construction peculiar to this breed of dog, the gold fang was especially prominent and fairly glistened in the sunlight. There was other wealth in the dog’s mouth besides this, for she had four back teeth of the valuable metal. Despite these adornments, the dog of aristrocratic breeding, was not at all proud, but looked about in a casual way, as though mildly interested n the persons who were keenly interested in her.

The Proposal

A Scotsman with a big mouth, housing a big front tooth, was at a public dinner one day, when a maiden quizzed him about being a bachelor.  She told him that if it were not for that tooth, she would marry him herself.

To this, the Scot quietly replied that the Almighty likely put it there to save him from that fate!

Source: The Capricornian, Saturday 4 March 1899


A 55 year old man from Cleveland, Ohio, was a model for false teeth!

The gentleman, who owned eight different sets of dentures, modeled for dental students at the Western Reserve Dental School.

He never wore the same teeth two days in a row, preferring on each occasion to choose those best depicting his mood…


Source: The Sun-Herald, Sunday 17 October 1954

Falling in Love

A Parisian woman took her dentist to court, after one of her false teeth fell into the hand of her fiancé. This, she claimed ruined her chances of successfully marrying for the second time. The court heard that prior to the incident, the fiancé always complimented the woman on her best asset. However, this was done in ignorance of them not being her natural teeth. She claimed that the man was horrified and ran away, not seeing him since!

Source: Barrier Miner, Tuesday 29 August 1950

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Teeth jewellery are sometimes used to accentuate what can be our best asset. A San Franciscan woman proudly exhibited her diamonds each time she smiled, until the unthinkable happened. One day, when alone, she was abducted and chloroformed. Subsequently, her upper front teeth, which housed the gems, were removed!

She later refused to have any sparkles added to her false teeth…

Source: Euroa Advertiser, Friday 24 May 1901

love note

Broadway actress Haila Stoddard visited her dentist for emergency bridgework. On her following visit, she admired the new bridge and described it as being “beautiful”.  The dentist in turn informed her that it was “a labour of love”, as the dental technician who made it fell in love with her the first time he saw her on stage. On the back of the bridge the mechanic had inscribed, “With Love”…

Source: Sunday Times, Sunday 14 april 1946

Lemon aide

Always believe what you read in the paper. According to the Country Edition of the Sunday Times (1 July) in 1951, “A few drops of lemon juice to moisten your toothpaste will quickly help to whiten discolored teeth without harming the enamel.”  

Before you rush out to the local greengrocer and buy a boxful of “organic” teeth bleach, let’s examine this piece of advice scientifically.

Fact 1: Tooth enamel (the outer coating of a tooth) consists of various minerals, which are dissolved (eroded) by direct contact with acid or when our saliva becomes acidic.

Fact 2: Lemon juice contains citric acid.

Fact 1 + Fact 2 = Adding lemon juice to toothpaste acidifies saliva and therefore erodes tooth enamel. In addition, the acid’s direct contact with enamel, in combination with any toothpaste abrasive will produce a more potent dissolving effect.

Ramifications: Loss of tooth enamel increases the visibility of yellow dentine, which is apparently NOT WHITE!


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