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Lost in Space

America’s Skylab astronauts were trained in pulling teeth and stitching wounds to avoid the possibility of having their flights cut short by health problems.

The special training was aimed at setting space endurance records.

Source: The Canberra Times, Sat 03 Mar, 1973

The Wild Wild West

When Buffalo Bill was 50, his teeth were well aligned and without cavities, but worn almost down to the gum line. This, according to a professor of dentistry at the University of Otago  (Dr Pickerill), was a great example of leading the life of a normal savage who ate primitive foods…


Source: Albany Advertiser, Saturday 3 July 1920

#Chatty Codfish

Have you ever held a conversation with a fish?

Well, a fisherman who caught a six pound cod from the Murrumbidgee river in Australia came close to it, as inside he found a set of false teeth!

Apparently, the teeth did not fit any swimmers who  had complained of losing theirs in the river…


Source: The Land, Friday 5 February, 1954

Love and Marriage

A 60 year old man and his wife from Richmond, Virginia had been arguing during a car tour when they stopped at a grocery store. As the gentleman entered the shop, his wife sped off with the car. On realizing what had happened, the man contacted police and appealed for his false teeth, which were left in the glove box; he did not want his wife back…

Source: Barrier Miner, Monday 25 July 1949


the hunger games

A sheriff in Salt Lake City, Utah, spent three hours searching for a lunch box. The alarm was raised by the owner of the container, who packed a vital adjunct to its usual dietary constituents. The treasure was eventually sited in the hands of the fifteen year old male culprit, who was at the time attempting to negotiate it in the mouth of a big tomcat. One might wonder what this desirable prize was. Well, instead of including the customary cutlery to consume a meal, the said gentleman had enclosed his set of false teeth. His lunch had also disappeared…meow!

Source: News Friday 15 March 1946