THAT’LL BE THE DAY (WARNING: If you are a little squeamish, you may want to look away from this post….)

The DAY that you face a man fixed before you

The DAY that your memory fills with that man’s scent

The DAY that you skin that man

The DAY that you scalp that man

The DAY that you sink into that man’s muddy eye

The DAY that you squeeze solid breath from that man’s lungs

The DAY that you extricate that man’s heart and place it in a heap

The DAY that you bisect that man’s brain, soaking liquid down both arms

The DAY that you head home wearing that man’s fragmented remains

The DAY that you awaken attempting to appease your conscience,

where he and the Almighty is concerned;


THAT is the day, Mr M.B.A, when you can rationalise your meddling with my

Hippocratic Oath.


Key: M.B.A = Master of Business Administration


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