we                                onto                 back

           bounced                      the                    seat


bums blistering on the vinyl

and speedilywindingdownthesidewindows

breathed in the natural air-con,

dad turned over the key a few times

we’d hear the engine grunt,

it took forever to fire up;

six cylinder regal chariot charged down

the highway stinking of lead

dusty white with silver side panels

and a steely grille face,

dad flicked his Peter Stuyvesant® ash out the window just before

it spilled onto the tire mat floor,

mum, bell-bottoms resting on the dash

click surfed the radio

needle riding the A.M. waves,

we porked on Smith’s Crisps® and Fanta®

fizzed up our nose

heads poking out the window

with air gushing into our gob

like a panting Dulux® dog,

us feeling every BUMP on the road

tummies going Luna Park on the hills

and lows

then scrambling into the wagon with dad’s tools





and fixing ourselves onto the windscreen

making wild faces at people we never met

like the time we stuck out rainbow tongues at that tailgater,

tip balancing a green Lifesaver®  

sucked down to a glassy halo and ready to shatter,

The best part was returning home

and feigning sleep to be carried in to bed


2 thoughts on “WE LOVED DAD’S VALIANT®”

  1. Oh yes – brings back the memories. In 1979 (I think) we got a bright yellow Valiant station wagon, the only one in the area, so everyone knew us on the road! Kids unrestrained in the back over country roads. Lifesavers and HOT vinyl seats that burned in Summer. After going to the pool you learned to put you wet towel down to sit on, and watch out for the burning seatbelt buckle as the car had invariably been parked out in the sun all day! We also had 4×80 air conditioning: 4 widows down going 80 miles an hour… It was a favourite ‘Dad’ joke!

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