A 55 year old man from Cleveland, Ohio, was a model for false teeth!

The gentleman, who owned eight different sets of dentures, modeled for dental students at the Western Reserve Dental School.

He never wore the same teeth two days in a row, preferring on each occasion to choose those best depicting his mood…


Source: The Sun-Herald, Sunday 17 October 1954


Wartime Dentists

Jack Gray, who grew up in Oatley, New South Wales, served as a Captain in the Dental Corps , treating servicemen in the jungle during World War II.

Please take the time to visit the source (site) of this story, as a poignant image of the servicemen in action is shown, highlighting their bravery and inventiveness.


Source: The Leader, Thursday 29 May, 2014; visit  http://www.theleader.com.au/community/eedition/  then click the link : The Leader (St George) and go to page 12


Dear Client


I am pleased to announce that following conferment of an honorable degree,

the study of which took several years to complete by means of an enduring loan subsidy,

my lifelong ambition of at last becoming a practising health care professional is to take place

at such and such address.

There, I will be joining a group of like-minded individuals who work tirelessly

under the auspices of highly remunerated business executives, solely

for the love of the profession, rather than for any meaningful financial compensation.

As you may be aware, we are extremely fortunate in that the current climate of deregulation, macroeconomics and globalisation,

has revolutionized the nature of our industry. In remaining competitive,

Fordism has been implemented,

to provide the best return for your money.

We are not swayed from any goals, aims or objectives of the organization set forth by our managing superiors in exchange for autonomy or respect. Our motto is, “the client must be attained and retained at all costs”.


I look forward to seeing you




Rhea List MBBS, BDS, BOPTOM, BPHYS, BPHARM (UAus) etc., etc.,etc.

Aussie Gem

An inventive dental supplies wholesaler who wanted good grip on his garage drive in North Manly (Australia), paved it with false teeth!

He dug out a couple of sacks containing artificial teeth from his garage and sprinkled them on the steep incline of his drive . He selected molars rather than anterior teeth to prevent any tire damage!



Source: Barrier Miner, Monday 6 September 1948


Sticky Fingers

Why did 150 girls working in a shoe factory in Richmond, Victoria call on a strike?

Well, one of their grievances was that their new forewoman objected to them chewing gum during working hours.

The director of the company supported the forewoman, claiming that chewing gum was detrimental to the girls’ work, as their hands became sticky!


Source: The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 28 August 1929


“KISS THE STUD!” shouted the banner waving prominently above the kissing booth at the college fair. She joined the long queue of pubertal glamazons and patiently advanced toward her dream.  The “stud” was a male oasis to Carla and her friends. They would espy him in the school corridors between classes and then he would disappear. In a word, he was perfection. Carla had purposefully put a little money aside from her after school job at the local Maccas just for this day; for the chance to objectify his reality.

She finally reached the head of the queue, straightened herself, checked for any lipstick stains on her teeth – now that would be embarrassing- and sat butterfly stricken opposite him. He didn’t disappoint, sharing an alluring smile without opening his cupid lips. Carla just about went out of her mind with excitement. He introduced himself by leaning into her and she answered by collecting her prize. His lips were softly engaging, but not enough for Carla. She proactively delved deeper, knowing that this was most likely to be their first and last intimate meeting. The stud complied, transporting her to another realm; the nightmare of reality! The girl was instantaneously repulsed by the stench of thrush. She felt a rough, irregular, spongy growth engaging the metal sphere thrusting above his tongue, and immediately withdrew from the cavern.  She felt disgust towards the kisser, who now presented a cacophonous laugh revealing sharp, jagged, chipped teeth. He actually looked senile -being long in the tooth – and she felt a rush of vile in her throat.  He flickered out his split tongue – a two headed asp vying for a bite of her flesh.

Carla screamed all the way home from the fair, without first stopping to ask for a refund…


Inspired by:





we                                onto                 back

           bounced                      the                    seat


bums blistering on the vinyl

and speedilywindingdownthesidewindows

breathed in the natural air-con,

dad turned over the key a few times

we’d hear the engine grunt,

it took forever to fire up;

six cylinder regal chariot charged down

the highway stinking of lead

dusty white with silver side panels

and a steely grille face,

dad flicked his Peter Stuyvesant® ash out the window just before

it spilled onto the tire mat floor,

mum, bell-bottoms resting on the dash

click surfed the radio

needle riding the A.M. waves,

we porked on Smith’s Crisps® and Fanta®

fizzed up our nose

heads poking out the window

with air gushing into our gob

like a panting Dulux® dog,

us feeling every BUMP on the road

tummies going Luna Park on the hills

and lows

then scrambling into the wagon with dad’s tools





and fixing ourselves onto the windscreen

making wild faces at people we never met

like the time we stuck out rainbow tongues at that tailgater,

tip balancing a green Lifesaver®  

sucked down to a glassy halo and ready to shatter,

The best part was returning home

and feigning sleep to be carried in to bed

A Grain of Rice

Prior to the invention of the lie detector, when suspected criminals were captured and presented before the courts in India, their automatic response to fear was cleverly utilized in arriving at a verdict. The offender was given dry rice to chew, and his ability to do so was the decider. If the culprit was guilty, chewing the rice would be impossible, as his intense fear would dry up his mouth, and so he would confess. On the other hand, an innocent party would soften the rice with a plentiful release of saliva…
Source: Traralgon Record, Friday 17 January 1908

Girl Power

It was customary for teenagers of the Baila Batonga tribe in Northern Rhodesia to have their front teeth knocked out by the elderly with hammer and chisel, to prevent the risk of looking like zebras. This tradition continued until the teenage girls took a stand against it!


Source:The Argus, Monday 16 January 1950