Biting off more than he could chew…

The burglar of a deli in Northern Bavaria was convicted after the police presented evidence of his teeth marks matching those of a partially bitten salami sausage!

The man was sentenced by a German court to four years of hard labor…

Source: News, Saturday 28 June 1952



Mourning can be expressed in various ways.

For the grieving on the Sandwich Islands (today’s Hawaiian Islands), particularly when a Chief died, it was customary to knock out their front teeth…

Source: Bendigo Advertiser, Saturday 19 December 1903

#Chatty Codfish

Have you ever held a conversation with a fish?

Well, a fisherman who caught a six pound cod from the Murrumbidgee river in Australia came close to it, as inside he found a set of false teeth!

Apparently, the teeth did not fit any swimmers who  had complained of losing theirs in the river…


Source: The Land, Friday 5 February, 1954

#Fashion Faux Pas

Do you ever think about your dentist’s unpolished shoes while lying in his dental chair?

*In 1951,a dentist in Middlesex, England, refused to see male patients who presented to his practice without wearing a tie. It is unclear whether this attitude was attributed to an inborn obsessive personality trait, or if it evolved from years of dental training, which involved the implementation of strict personal hygiene measures.

How times have changed…these days we live in a society that tends to be somewhat more laid back. Some dentists are even known to practise unshaven (the men, of course), wearing a t- shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

What are your thoughts on today’s dental fashion?


*Source: The Muswellbrook Chronicle, Friday 9 February 1951

#Lest we Forget

Private Alf Lewis was an enterprising ANZAC. While a prisoner of war in Germany during World War II,  his false teeth became useless. He set to replace these by making new ones out of tinfoil wrappers from cheese sent by the Red Cross. His fellow prisoners were so impressed with his shiny new teeth, that they assigned him the task of replacing theirs as well.

He was repatriated in 1944…

Source: Army News, Wednesday 15 November 1944

Falling in Love

A Parisian woman took her dentist to court, after one of her false teeth fell into the hand of her fiancé. This, she claimed ruined her chances of successfully marrying for the second time. The court heard that prior to the incident, the fiancé always complimented the woman on her best asset. However, this was done in ignorance of them not being her natural teeth. She claimed that the man was horrified and ran away, not seeing him since!

Source: Barrier Miner, Tuesday 29 August 1950