Beyond the Call of Duty

Riva Davidovici was a young Romanian dentist.  She attended to Margeurite Switz, the beautiful English wife of an American Colonel. The patient’s cavities were filled as planned.

Unfortunately for Dr Davidovici, Mrs Switz involved her in the trial. It wasn’t that she was unhappy with the treatment; far from it. However, to save her own skin, she revealed all.

You see, the colonel and his wife were part of an extensive spy gang operating in France, Britain and the USA, on behalf of Russia and Germany. They were arrested on charges of having tampered with French naval documents after secret plans were stolen from the French War Office.

How was the dentist involved? Well, she filled Mrs Switz’s cavities with temporary stoppings containing microscopic photographs of the plans…

Source: The Maitland Daily Mercury, Thurs 4 Apr 1935


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