My lips are sealed

It is Tuesday, 11th September,1906. Last night you proposed to the woman of your dreams – and she accepted.  There is a spring in your step as you buy the Camperdown Chronicle and catch the 7:30am train to the office. You land in your usual seat at the back of the third carriage and gaze outside the window thinking how she has made you the happiest man alive. Before you know it, a petite young lady takes the aisle seat next to you. She smiles coyly and you respond in kind without giving her a second thought. You peruse through the paper – top stories, finances and sports. Today’s journey is proving a little tedious as the driver stops and starts to allow right of way to trains approaching from the opposite direction. You espy an interesting article on page 6 in which a nameless physiognomist reveals that the mouth is the facial feature most indicative of a woman’s true character.  Your curiosity is piqued and so you read on.” …no girl with a small and very red-lipped mouth was ever intellectual or generous of heart. Give me a girl- that is not fashion’s slave and I will show you a wide mouth, with rather full and pink lips, covering square, strong teeth, and if she is hospitably inclined there will be little semicircular lines about the corners of the lips that curl up when their owner laughs. It is the fashion just at present for young women to hold their lips ever so tightly apart. This is supposed to give a wondering, wistful expression, youthful as well; but your thin-lipped girl, who is always a self-centred creature, can never teach her lips this trick. Women who are much given to fads and sudden friendships always show the middle of the upper lip, strengthened to a little point…among women the intellectual mouth is frequently noted. It is moisture and softness of the air that give the rose-leaf tenderness and color to perfect lip’s ‘ that are usually warmy pink- and smooth as satin.” Your head spins as you try to digest what you’ve just read. The girl next to you has noticed the article and giggles on making eye contact. Her upper lip seems to be peaking midway along its length. A woman seated opposite grimaces with thin lips disapprovingly at the pair of you. Perhaps the physiognomist has a point. You’re a little phased and not quite as confident about your choice in partner. Tonight you must remember to check for those semicircular lines that should curl up when you tell her a joke…


Fellow Dental Explorers

Do you agree with the physiognomist’s  views?  And how many cliches do you think appear in this article? Were passenger trains in use during 1906?



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