Lateral Thinkers

Penicillin chewing gum became available for sale in Melbourne in 1949. Apparently, it tasted like mint flavoured gum…

Source: The Courier-Mail , Friday 9 Sept 1949



To Catch a Thief…

Two young starving orphans were found  a couple of days prior to Xmas by a charity member. When brought before the juvenile court, they reported that their mother had suddenly died a month prior. Sadly, they informed the judge, that the undertaker who had prepared the body for burial, extracted one of the woman’s teeth. The reason being that it was diamond set by the generosity of Bob Fitzsimmons, the actor and pugilist, in appreciation of her efforts as his leading lady in a touring company.

The good news is that the thief was eventually caught and the two children were placed in the care of an aunt.

Source: Evening News, Thurs 1 Feb 1906

Mercury Rising

Do mercury containing fillings cause Multiple Sclerosis?

Well, according to a systematic review of the available evidence, there is no significant link between the two.

Further research is required.

Source: Dental amalgam and multiple sclerosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Aminzadeh KK, Etminan M.

J Public Health Dent. 2007 Winter;67(1):64-6. Review.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Teeth jewellery are sometimes used to accentuate what can be our best asset. A San Franciscan woman proudly exhibited her diamonds each time she smiled, until the unthinkable happened. One day, when alone, she was abducted and chloroformed. Subsequently, her upper front teeth, which housed the gems, were removed!

She later refused to have any sparkles added to her false teeth…

Source: Euroa Advertiser, Friday 24 May 1901